Honourable Union minister Shri Shripad Naik giving away 
Assocham SME Innovation Excellence award 2015
 to AlphaMERS Executive Director DC Sekhar    

As the world became a global village and international trade boundaries crumbled, 

we knew ….only the fittest will survive. Darwin said so.

We knew we must adapt to technology where it is  efficient and available

We set out to develop technology where there was little.

We knew we had to deliver quality  in  L1 contracts with tight cash margins.

We went on to deliver quality and also to save and invest in RnD

'Make in India' excited us.

We looked beyond to 'Design in India'.

We took the innovation from lab to the market  

Our mantra has been Design, develop and deploy the innovation, 

to prove we have practical, workable and cost efficient  solutions.

The journey has been  very challenging, and  also very satisfying..

We have built  a company in five years, that now has very valuable IPRs in sunrise sectors. 

Sectors like river and lake cleanup, offshore renewables and marine environment. 

We built a brand that earned respect from clients and employees alike.  

With a DNA to excel in the new world.  

A company that can look into the future with brimming confidence and say…..

Our journey has just begun!


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A 'floating' dam to clean Chennai's sorrow

A 'floating' dam to clean Chennai's sorrow
in Business Line of 27th April '16 
about AlphaMERS designed 
floating trash barrier solution 
for Cooum river in Chennai

AlphaMERS has deployed a floating trash barrier in Chennai river. This barrier helps arrest floating solid waste and bring to convenient spot on riverbank. 

The barrier is completely indigenously designed, developed deployed and patent applied by AlphaMERS.

AlphaMERS has developed 
floating security barrier 
 for protection of assets on water. 

This barrier is like a standing fence 
on the water,  
anchored to the 
river or seabed 
and with its 
own floating gate.

There is light duty marina version 
and a heavy duty version 
for more agressive protection.