Oil Spill Response


                                                  Equipment manufactured and supplied by AlphaMERS
                                              All equipment is tested & certified by 3rd party certification agencies.


AlphaMERS track record 

AlphaMERS has provided oil spill response services with

equipment and  trained manpower to

· M/s GSPC for offshore KG basin drilling campaign

· M/s Cairn India Ltd for Barmer cross country crude pipeline

· M/s Oil India Ltd for Gulf of Mannar drilling campaign

· M/s James Mackintosh for the first STS operations in Tuticorin Port

 · Manufactured and supplied oil spill response equipment to industry

Prepared Oil Spill Contingency Plan for an oil drilling campaign

                                                  Has designed specialized boom for use in very high current waters

Has carried out marine EIA of  a coastal Nuclear Power Plant