Now AlphaMERS Floating Barrier Solution deployed in Chennai, Puducherry, Tuticorin, Bengaluru & Coimbatore .

Soon to be deployed in Thanjavur, Hyderabad and Mysuru.

AlphaMERS is an Indian SME, engaged in developing innovative solutions and implementing them. These solutions are in environment, offshore renewable, disaster response and maritime security. This is besides the company's services in marine oil spill response sector.

Image above is a floating barrier first designed and deployed in 2015. It is now deployed in four cities across 20 locations. Visible on Google earth, these deployments have stopped over 22000 Tons of trash including 2200 Tons of plastics from reaching the sea in 2018. This requires NIL fossil energy, no boats and works 24 x7 in rain or fog . A good idea can come from anywhere !!

Assocham MSME Innovation excellence award runner up 2018

ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence runner up 2017

ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence award 2015