AlphaMERS designed floating trash barrier is deployed at 20 locations across 4 cities.

These barriers arrests thousands of tons of trash and plastics at NIL energy cost and brings it to river bank, from where it is removed every few days by land based gear.

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CHENNAI COOUM - Near Napier Bridge




Assocham MSME Innovation excellence award runner up 2018

ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence runner up 2017

ASSOCHAM Outstanding 50 SMEs of India 2016

ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence award 2015

AlphaMERS is an Indian SME, engaged in developing innovative solutions and implementing them. These solutions are in environment, offshore renewable, disaster response and maritime security. This is besides the company's services in marine oil spill response sector

A low opex solution to remove plastics, trash and weed from rivers. This is deployed in four cities so far and has stopped over 22000 Tons of trash including 2200 Tons of plastics from entering the sea in 2018. (Commercialized)

The images of the barrier upon deployment and the immediate days after deployment. This version of the barrier is suited for very shallow streams where the barrier is floating at times or sitting on the bed without tilting over in dry season.

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A device to harness ocean wave energy to usable power. (Prototype and proof of concept completed). This is not being commercialized, and the plan is to develop a wave powered boat.

A floating barrier to protect perimeter security of waterfront installations and borders running across the waters. This also includes a floating gate to provide controlled access to bona fide boats. (Prototyping completed)

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A device to arrest and remove the solid waste in municipal box drains at a convenient location, leaving water to flow easily through the drain. (Pilot project completed)

A silt trap to arrest and remove the bottom silt at a convenient location. (Prototyping and proof of concept completed)

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Under development is a 'hydroponic carpet' to deploy in open drains to treat polluted drain water (Prototyping stage)