Weed collector 

When hyacinth is removed by excavators from lakes or water bodies, the surrounding hyacinth does not flow freely to fill this empty pocket. This slows down the hyacinth removal. AlphaMERS developed a simple manual tool to pull and collect the weed and hyacinth so it can be removed by excavators efficiently. This was conceived, designed, fabricated and tested all within one week. 


Wave energy converter

Surface waves in the sea have tremendous energy. This energy, if harnessed can represent a large renewable source of energy. Of course, the energy availability is as unpredictable as the wind itself. AlphaMERS has designed a wave energy converter that converts the surface wave energy to usable forms of mechanical or electrical power. The prototype is ready and to be tested in a tank with artificial waves.

Wave powered boat 

An object on the waves will ride with the waves. If this motion can be used to create energy, it can be used to partially power the boat. However since the waves availability is unpredictable it works best as a hybrid system. AlphaMERS has a concept solution to convert the wave power to jet propulsion for propelling the boat. 
Silt trap

The company has now taken upon work on another burning issue. The silt movement downstream. This is a problem for streams, rivers and dam reservoirs resulting in reduced storage capacity, changing depths of water and such problems. 

AlphaMERS is working on a silt trap that will arrest silt movement and trap this silt for removal at a convenient location. The aim is to design a cost effective system that can help cover the removal cost with the value of silt removed.  
Floating security barrier

AlphaMERS has developed a floating security barrier for protecting assets located on riverbank or coast from intrusion from the waterside. The barrier is  like standing fence on the water to stop an intruding hostile boat and will damage it. Besides, this barrier also marks the no go areas for passing boats.  This is not meant for stopping human intrusion.

Floating trash barrier 

AlphaMERS has designed, developed and deployed a floating trash barrier in a river in Chennai. This barrier uses the natural flow of water to bring the trash to riverbank from where it can be manually or mechanically removed.

This barrier is also in demand for protection of hydropower plants from floating logs and other floatsam which damages the plant and machinery.