ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence runner up 2017; ASSOCHAM MSME Innovation excellence award 2015; ASSOCHAM Outstanding 50 SMEs of India 2016 

                                                                                                                                    THE TEAM 

AlphaMERS is an MSME which earned from service contracts, received no funding, invested in RnD, 

and developed innovative solutions 
for many existing needs, all this within a span of just three years,

The innovations are in the area of - 

River clean up, 

Offshore wave energy, 

Oil spill response in strong currents, 

Silt control in water streams, 

Floating security barriers, 

Protection of water intakes,

The results are - 

Commercialized solutions, 

Successful pilot projects, 

Working prototypes, 

Concept solutions 

We believe India’s time has truly come.  

and we have an important role to play.  

Our clients - 

Engineers India Ltd;  M/s GSPC;  M/s Cairn Energy Ltd; 

M/s Oil India Ltd; M/s Chennai Corporation; M/s James Mackintosh; 

M/s Horizon Surveys; M/s Finolex Industries; 

M/s Keirsos Maritime;