River and Lake cleanup

Floating Fountain

AlphaMERS floating fountain comes in handy to move the fountain around the lake to parts where water is stagnant and water quality is poor. Powered by electric cable from the bank, two persons can move the fountain anywhere within the lake by use of a boat.

Weed Puller

This is a manual device to haul the weed and trash to the bank from the middle of any small lake. This can be operated by just 3 persons to pull the ropes and is good for small water bodies. There is a waterjet version available for larger lakes.

Municipal drain filter

This device is used for controlling solid waste that is choking up the municipal drains. Easy to install, this device will stop solid waste at location of deployment and facilitate removal and disposal of the solid waste. This device is designed such that it does not choke up and cause flooding of upstream even in heavy rains .