Wave energy

Surface waves in the sea have tremendous energy. This energy, if harnessed can represent a large renewable source of energy. India with its vast coastline of 7500 Kms, there is a large potential for harnessing this energy.

AlphaMERS has designed a wave energy converter that converts the surface wave energy to usable forms of electrical power. The prototype has been tested at IIT Madras wave tank in Feb 2018.

Wave energy needs structures that can withstand forces due to high amplitude waves, ironically when the resource availability is at its best. Thus structures are expensive to build and maintain. However that is the capex part. The input resources are free and this makes it competitive. AlphaMERS has a good handle on keeping the capex costs in control and that improves the financial viability of the plant.

AlphaMERS design of wave energy converter is also very adaptable and customizable to varying depths, varying tidal ranges and significant wave heights. This makes the model suitable to varying geographies with varying wave parameters.