Floating Trash Barrier

AlphaMERS has designed, developed and deployed a floating trash barrier in a river in Chennai. This barrier uses the natural flow of water to bring the trash to riverbank from where it can be manually or mechanically removed.

Municipal drain filter

AlphaMERS has designed a filter for the solid waste that choke up municipal drains. Easy to install, this filter stops the solid waste at a convenient point from where it can be removed for disposal.


When hyacinth is removed manually or by excavators from the lake side or river bank, the remaining hyacinth may not necessarily flow freely to fill the empty pocket. This slows down the hyacinth removal process.

AlphaMERS has developed a simple manual tool to pull and collect the weed and hyacinth so it can be removed by excavators efficiently.


AlphaMERS floating fountain comes in handy to move the fountain around the lake to parts, where water is stagnant and water quality is poor.

Powered by electric cable from the bank, two persons can move the fountain anywhere within the lake by use of a boat.