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River and Lake cleanup

  AlphaMERS has developed and commercialized its own designs for river cleanup solutions. 

AlphaMERS has floating fountains along with anchors that can be 'moved around' by just two operators. 
This helps improve water quality all around the lake and not only in one part. 

AlphaMERS has designed, fabricated, and deployed this floating barrier for a pilot project.
After successful pilot project, this barrier was deployed for a commercial tender for a city corporation. 
In this approach, the weeds hit the barrier and come to the riverbank utilizing the natural flow of water. 
This collected trash is now trapped and is removed by land based excavators or conveyors. 
This removal can be done whenever convenient and the trash continues to remain at the collection spot. 
This is a low operating cost solution without use of boats. 


Weed collector - A manual device to collect floating weed and trash to one side. 
Can be operated by 3 persons and good for small water bodies.